PE Firm seeks Better Returns on Digital Investments

A Global Private Equity firm seeks growth advice for portfolio companies in technology sector


A Global Private Equity firm with large institutional and individual investors with more than $ 3 Billion under management.


A Private Equity firm seeks advice on optimizing the returns from existing portfolio of technology companies. The company has invested in several assets that have underperformed and sought advice on improving performance and operational efficiencies. The firm is knee to divest underperforming assets and reuse the capital to invest in assets that will produce a better returns.


The company engaged Technova as a strategic advisor with the objective of:

  • Evaluation of existing portfolio of technology investments against expected performance criteria
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis for each company
  • Assess major risks and issues that may impact growth plans. Suggest mitigation strategies.
  • Identify opportunities for operational improvement across sales & marketing, finance, human resources, IT and support services
  • Provide advice on emerging investment opportunities


  • Portfolio companies diagnostic
  • SWOT analysis report
  • Portfolio Issues and Risk Management Register
  • High-level recommendations on operational performance improvement
  • Introduction of two assets for potential investment

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