Customer Experience Enhancment
for a Retail Chain

A retail chain with more than 50 stores wanted to enhance its online customer experience and sales


A midsize retail chain with more than 50 stores based in Australia and New Zealand specilising in sale electronic goods wanted to enhance its digital presence (web and mobile channels) to improve sales, customer retention and customer experience.


The CEO of the retail chain is keen to improve online sales, as in-stores sales are declining. He is concerned that his business may be lagging behind the competitors, who are investing heavily on their digital capabilities. The industry is going through a disruption with a number of international companies offering similar products at a lower price. The CEO asks Technova to do a review and make practical recommendations on improving digital sales and customer experience. The company had a Digital Strategy that was prepared 12 months back.


The company engaged Technova to assist with the following objectives:
• Ensure awareness latest technological developments and they are used to full advantage by the company
• Review and summarize digital competitive landscape
• Evaluate Digital capabilities of the company
• Evaluate effectiveness of Digital Sales and Marketing focused on web and mobile channels
• Revise the Digital Strategy of the company
• Define the scope of changes for the next wave of digital maturity
• Development of a prioritisation framework to identify and validate priorities
• Prepare a high level roadmap and budget
• Identify suitable vendors/partners that have proven experience


Technova worked colloboratively with the Executive Team to deliver:
• Presentations to the Board, CEO and senior executive on trends and opportunities
• Workshops with key stakeholders to showcase industry innovations and business need
• Strategic Review of existing environment and Recommendations
• Digital Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Review (Web and Mobile channels)
• RevisedDigital Strategy and sign-off
• Roadmap and Execution Plan
• Digital Governance and Risk Management framework
• Finalise scope of works for the next phase of digital maturity
• Recommendation of vendors/partners

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