Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is redefining a business strategy based on the potential of digital technologies. It is a new way of thinking about customers, products and services, business models, talent pools, organizational structures and the ecosystem the business relies on. It would also require a significant cultural change, and some changes in the top talent, to move forward. It is not only “what” but most importantly “how”

Technova helps with “how ” of Digital Transformation

Digital Board and CEO

We provide strategic and practical advice to Boards and CEOs on matters relating technology enabled business transformation and risk management. We help Boards and CEO get their digital agenda right by focusing on:

  • Digital disruption awareness
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Board responsibilities and accountabilities for digital
  • Independent risk and governance reviews of digital programs
  • Digital leadership and workplace models

Digital Strategy and
Execution Advisory

We help executive understand the potential of digital technologies, reimagine their business potential and clearly articulate what it means a strategy. We work with them to develop a roadmap with clearly defined outcomes and accountabilities, providing advice on how to achieve the desired transformation outcomes with customers, employees and stakeholders, providing the know-how to drive digital transformation. We help formulate an effective digital strategy by focusing on:

  • Leveraging customer networks and ecosystem
  • Business model innovation
  • Defining platforms and products
  • Creating new value from data
  • Lean & Agile Experiments
  • Roadmap and Execution Planning

Digital Customer Experience Advisory

We provide a range of solutions to enable effective digital customer journeys and experiences, working closely with partners. We help optimise the entire digital customer life cycle by measuring and enhancing the activity streams of exploration, evaluation and engagement. We assist organisation with:

  • Rethinking customers and products with a outside-in view
  • Functions and features to optimise customer experience
  • Evaluate and enhance digital marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Provide insights based on research of digital customers

Digital CIO Advisory

We recognize that an effective Bimodal IT strategy is crucial for Digital Transformation, where CIO work on two modes simultaneously focused on modernizing the legacy systems and leveraging the new digital technologies.We assist CIO with:

  • Bimodal strategy and roadmap
  • Agile and DevOps approaches
  • Bimodal IT organisation design
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Program and project rfisk reviews
  • Culture assessment and change
  • CIO support and advice

Digital Vendor Advisory

We have an excellent understanding of vendor capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in the digital ecosystem. We advise client on suitable vendor to establish strategic alliances, and collaboratively pursue their digital agenda. We assist clients in independent vendor assessments and selection, leveraging our vendor benchmarking data and extensive experience of advising large organisations. We go beyond the vendor marketing tactics and hype to help our clients select the right partners.

Digital Risk Advisory

We provide a range of solutions to enable effective governance and risk management of digital transformation initiatives and services using advanced data analytics tools. We conduct:

  • Enterprise digital governance framework reviews
  • Digital marketing effectiveness reviews
  • Customer experience effectiveness reviews,
  • Independent risk reviews,
  • Benefits assessments.

Business Growth in Digital Era

digital-tran2Traditional consulting and IT companies face threats of obsolescence as their services become commoditized. The more agile and small entrants to the industry are making fundamental changes to the competitive landscape of the technology ecosystem.New business models and solutions are required to survive and grow.

Technova helps Consulting and IT companies becomes high growth organizations

Growth Strategy and

We provide strategic, operational, and global market advice to consulting and IT services companies to become digital business. We help them define high growth strategies based on market potential taking into consideration culture, capabilities, business models, investments and alliances. We then establish roadmaps, detailed plans and metrics with clearly defined portfolio of risk-balanced projects and initiatives for growth.

Sales Transformation

We enable sales functions accelerate their digital growth plans leveraging our Sales Acceleration and Value Enhancement [SAVE] program. We help our clients realign digital sales, business development and marketing functions to meet customer expectations by focusing on go-to-market strategies, unique value propositions, sales capabilities, and marketing collateral. We help with not only “what” but also “how” of sales transformation.

Ideate, Incubate & Scale

We provide a range of solutions to enable effective governance and risk management of digital transformation initiatives and services using advanced data analytics tools. We conduct Digital Marketing Effectiveness Reviews, Customer Experience Effectiveness Reviews, Digital Services Benchmarking, Independent Risk Reviews and Benefits Assessments.

Startup Advisory and Funding

We support the Startup and SME ecosystem by enhancing business and product strategies, improving sales, operations management, scaling up, growth capital needs and financing sources. We also provide Startup entrepreneur & SME leadership coaching.

Digital M&A and ROI

Wehelp venture capital funds, private equity firms, corporate and private investors focused on investing in consulting, digital and IT service businesses. We accept Buy-side and sell-side mandates for digital assets. We provide advice to investors on optimizing the growth of technology asset portfolios and assist in mitigating risks that impact growth.

Digital Thought Leadership

We collaboratively work with senior executive to identify new areas of digital thought leadership that shapes industry thinking and enables customers to gain insights and knowledge. We work with a global network of analysts and thought leaders to develop thought leadership papers and opinions.

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